Ready to Feel Stronger, Healthier & More Vibrant this Spring?! 

Join our 3rd annual March MATNESS Pilates Challenge!

Increase your energy, fire up your deep core muscles, and tone your glutes, arms, legs, and back muscles in our super fun Pilates workouts!

Improve your flexibility, balance, strength, breathing, coordination, body awareness & so much more.

All you need is your mat and a few small props to complete each workout. Practice at home, at the office, or even while travelling!

You'll feel reinvigorated, energized, and motivated to keep practicing after just one class!

If you're ready to create a healthy & balanced movement routine, hit the button below to get get started!

Yes, I'm Ready for March MATness!

March MATness Pilates Challenge

March 6th - March 31st, 2023

Challenge Details:

The March MATness Pilates Challenge is a 4-week exercise program that includes 3 LIVE online Pilates workouts each week (plus the recordings), and access to Kerry's extensive on-demand library of workout videos that will take practice & your results to the next level. 

Your goal will be to complete the three fresh 45-min Pilates sessions provided by Kerry each week, PLUS 2 additional 30-min Pilates sessions of your choice from the on-demand workout library... for a total of 5 workouts each week! 

Yes, we're seriously committing to our Pilates practice this month... That's Matness for you :).

Start where you are...

No matter what your experience level, you are welcome to join the challenge! All classes are low-impact, and modifications & extra challenge options will be offered so you can adjust your practice as needed on any given day.

I prefer to focus on Progress rather than Perfection and believe your mat should always feel like a safe & happy place for you to come back to. Start where you are, do your best, listen to your body, and most importantly... have FUN!

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How Do You Join the Challenge?

To join the challenge, click on one of the 3 membership buttons below, and you'll be taken to the membership checkout page.

If you'd only like to join for March, select the "monthly" option. You can cancel your membership anytime if you decide not to continue after the challenge.

However, if you're ready to commit to your fitness, and want to save some money, you can also choose the semi-annual or annual membership options, and you'll receive some extra special bonuses for committing to yourself and your health long-term.

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MONTHLY ($15/week)


This subscription includes unlimited access to live classes, challenges & on-demand content on a monthly basis. Enjoy the freedom of joining anytime throughout the month and cancelling anytime.

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SEMI-ANNUAL (Save 15%)


‚Äč‚ÄčThis subscription includes unlimited access to all live classes, challenges & on-demand content for 6 full months. Save 15% & enjoy bonus recipes & workout programs. Paid upfront semi-annually.

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ANNUAL (Save 20%)


This subscription includes unlimited access to all live classes, challenges & on-demand content for the entire year! Save 20% and enjoy bonus recipes & workout programs. Paid upfront annually.


It's time for you to feel STRONG, HEALTHY, and absolutely VIBRANT. 

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I'm already cheering for you on and know you can do this! The hardest part is often saying YES and getting started. 

So... ready to take on March MATness together?

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Your Pilates Coach and #1 Cheerleader,

Kerry Heming

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