Hi and Welcome!  

I’m Kerry Heming — Pilates & Barre Instructor, health & fitness enthusiast, nature and coffee lover. I am here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and create an active and balanced lifestyle that you truly love.

The Kerry Heming Way is committed to enhancing your Pilates and Barre workouts by making them as fun, effective and efficient as possible. The goal: spend less time searching for the right workouts so you can spend more time enjoying your life!

Why Pilates & Barre Fitness?

During my workouts, you will learn the most optimal way to move your body. You will strengthen and lengthen your muscles from head to toe and you will start to develop a strong mind/body connection. If you work towards fine-tuning and mastering each of these exercises, you will truly embody all of the benefits. 

Practicing Pilates and Barre consistently will improve your balance, core strength, breathing, alignment, posture, endurance and concentration. You will start to feel more centered and your day to day movements and activities will begin to feel easier and more fluid. 

Practice 3-6 times a week to experience a new and improved, functional body that will enhance your everyday life and create more space for the things (and people) you love! 

The Best Part?

Complete freedom! The beauty of these two incredible practices is that you can do them literally anywhere. All you need is a little bit of space, a mat and/or blanket and a chair or countertop if you are practicing Barre. There are numerous Pilates and Barre exercises that you can do with absolutely no props. You can practice at home, on the road, in the park, in the office, at the beach – the choice is yours! Make the Kerry Heming Way workouts an integral part of your healthy, active lifestyle and experience the freedom.


But wait… Who is Kerry Heming?

A little bit about me…

I am a Certified Pilates, Barre, Reformer, and Yoga Instructor who is extremely passionate about health, fitness and helping others achieve happiness and longevity through their workouts.

From a young age, I led quite an active lifestyle, playing numerous sports, dancing competitively and participating in as many outdoor activities as I possibly could. This initially led me to a career in Outdoor Education. After many rewarding years teaching children and adults how to appreciate nature, their environment and “play” outside at an incredible Outdoor Centre, I decided it was time for a change. 

The Big Move

In 2011 I packed up my life and moved to Toronto to pursue a new career in the fitness industry. I began my new journey as a personal trainer and fitness coach before landing at 889; a Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Meditation studio. I quickly became enthralled with the wondrous practice of Pilates and what an important role it plays in maintaining a healthy and balanced body.

Soon after completing my Pilates certification, I discovered Barre fitness. My first Barre class brought me back to my days as a dancer and I was immediately hooked. I have since completed 3 Barre Teacher Training Certifications and can’t get enough. In the midst of these training courses, I was also completing my Yoga Teacher Training, part-time, last year I completed my Reformer Pilates Certification and just this year I’ve completed my Spin Instructor Training!

What can I say, I LOVE to learn! 

Over the past few years of practicing and teaching, I have experienced first hand how effective both Pilates and Barre can be at transforming the body’s shape and structure while establishing a powerful mind/body connection. These practices are so effective, I am sure you will share my passion as you learn to move optimally and with more ease. I always feel the positive effects of my practice IMMEDIATELY afterwards and I am positive you will too.

I cannot wait to share these beautiful practices with you! It is my true mission to help you thrive — both in your practice and in your life.

So, what are you waiting for?!