About Kerry





“Kerry is such a positive, energetic Barre instructor. I love that she offers multiple modifications for every exercise.”

“Pilates Express is the perfect class! Best workout I had this week. Kerry is the best :)”

“During Kerry’s Barre class the looong holds made for a much harder workout! Kerry had such a great energy! I’ll definitely be back!”

“I was very lucky to have Kerry as my instructor for my first Pilates class – her additional guidance was a huge help in getting me through the full hour. I loved the cadence and pacing she uses and will be back for another class when I am in town.”

“Kerry will make you feel the burn!!! Her playlists are awesome!!!”

“Kerry is a fantastic teacher!”

“Don’t let Kerry’s upbeat attitude fool you. She’s tough! Great mat workout.”

“Love Kerry’s energy and encouragement throughout the class. Definitely kept me light-hearted and motivated to hold for just a little bit longer!”


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