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The Kerry Heming Way is your one-stop-shop for fun & fiery live + on-demand workouts, nutritious recipes, and healthy lifestyle strategies that will take your strength, confidence & results to the next level. Our uplifting, supportive community is dedicated to taking control of their physical & mental health - and having a really good time doing it! Become a member today to gain access to live + on-demand classes, numerous wellness resources, referral perks, member's-only discounts & more!

What's Inside the Membership?

Pilates Workouts Get ready to tone and sculpt your entire body while improving your alignment, flexibility, coordination, breathing, body awareness and so much more! Pilates focuses on developing deep core strength, improving joint mobility, and mitigating aches & pain in the body. Kerry's low-impact, muscle-burning classes are designed with all levels of fitness in mind, and will challenge you to push yourself a little further than you think you can go. Fitness Challenges For those who like a challenge, and prefer a more structured approach, we have a growing collection of fitness challenges, and transformation programs that will help keep you on track with your workouts week after week. Barre Workouts Sculpt, align and energize your body in our fun and uplifting Barre classes! Barre is an effective ballet-inspired workout that will tone, define & lean out your muscles while improving your posture, balance, endurance & flexibility. Class sequences will combine big movements, with small fiery pulses, and static holds, that will have your muscles shaking + quaking... putting your physical and mental strength to the test! Recipes Need some new healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or snack ideas?! Explore our collection of simple, nutritious & YUMMY recipes that will fuel your workouts, give you fresh energy & spice up your weekly menu! Nutrition Programs What you consume on a daily basis can seriously impact your health, energy, sleep, progress - the list goes on and on. Our dietician-approved nutrition programs will teach you how to eat to feel great, without eliminating the foods you love. You'll be guided every step of the way with grocery lists, meal plans, nutrition guides, weekly check-ins, and more. From plant-based to whole foods, to cleanses to keto... we've got something for everyone!

Kind Words From Our Community

“My favourite part about Kerry's program is the ability to do classes at any time that suits me. Kerry is so encouraging and fun - so even though I'm doing recorded workouts, it still feels like I'm in a live class!”

“I love Kerry's holistic approach to goal-setting. It's not necessarily about counting calories or losing weight - we get to choose whatever is most important to us and focus on that."

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"I would recommend Kerry's workouts to anyone looking to kick-start their exercise regime with an approachable and supportive coach who will keep you accountable and smiling!”

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The Kerry Heming Way is accessible on multiple devices so you can stay on top of your fitness & wellness routine at-home and on-the-go. On top of all the workouts and resources included in your membership, you'll also have unlimited access to Kerry's live weekly workout sessions! This is a great way to connect with others in the community, stay motivated & get some extra accountability to help keep your workout routine on track.

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